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2010-12-10 15:49:13 by QuentinWhite

Ok. First, i need more time, than i expected. I need more practice and much more sprites. I have some basic weapons and enemies, but i still have to do backgrounds and efects.

Now some more informations:
There are going to be more kinds of enemies. One of them is Heavy infantry.
This units are heavily armored in strong armor, which is impossible to penetrate with normal gunpowder wepons (even 50. cal. rifles cant penetrate). This units are armed with laser rifles or riot shields. They are extremely dangerous!

PS.: Sprote is still unfinished, but there is not much to do. I will just add more armor.


Mah hero

2010-12-08 13:36:07 by QuentinWhite

I am preparing for my "big" madness video. Story is complete and now i just need to ceate some sprites (Enemies, main characters, weapons,...)

I want to keep the story in secret, but i can tell you this:
-It has nothing to do with original madness storyline
-There are going to be two main characters
-Story is placed in year 2052

This is my primary project, but first i need more practice so be patient. I will post updates frequently.

This is all you need for now.

...Oh, here is some story releated picture. What do you think?

Mah hero